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New Addition to BML Website: Nat and Kat's Story

Nathaniel Brown ("Nat") and Kat McClain ("Kat") met during their pursuit of their Master of Laws in Criminal Defense Trial Advocacy. Nat and Kat were trial partners and, although talented attorneys individually, quickly discovered that they were extremely effective as a team. Nat and Kat became fast friends and following their program they decided to open a law firm together. They often describe themselves as the "photo negative" of the other. They are the epitome of cooperation and mutual respect. They do, however, hold identical views about the criminal justice system and client advocacy. They are reasonable and professional but passionate and aggressive. Nat and Kat are exceedingly committed to the spirit of the rules of ethics. Opposing attorneys often complement them on their honesty and candor. This is the cornerstone of their partnership. Nat and Kat are as close as brother and sister. You will often find them laughing at each other which tends to put the people around them at ease. They are committed to each other's success and to their client's interests. You may even hear Nat say "happy Kat, happy Nat." The nature of this relationship makes this team a power pair and any client lucky enough to retain their services will have found themselves a gem.

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